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I am Max Boll, a graduated computer scientist (Master of Science), developer and cyber security expert from Hanover, Germany, currently working as a security manager (penetration testing) at Finanz Informatik.

Since the early days of my studies I've had a keen interest in the world of cybersecurity and ethical hacking. After earning my bachelor's degree in computer science at Leibniz University of Hanover in 2017, I started to focus on cyber security in more detail and decided to pursue an IT master's degree specializing in this scientific field at TU Braunschweig (technical university).

In my leisure time I like to play CTFs or participate in ethical hacking labs. Furthermore, I am a hobby photographer with a passion for landscape and portrait shooting. When I have fed up with all of these digital media and need to clear my mind, I enjoy sailing or or going for a long run.


Programming / Scripting

I have advanced proficiency in the programming languages Python, C, and Java as well as intermediate knowledge of JavaScript (NodeJS), SQL, Bash (Shell), HTML, and CSS.

Ethical Hacking

During the past two years ethical hacking has become one of my core competencies. I enjoy participating in bug bounty programs and testing for various flaws and vulnerabilities on web/mobile applications. Hacking labs as PentesterLab or TryHackMe offer me a wide range of possibilities to improve my hacking techniques and learn new ways of exploiting software bugs.

Machine Learning

Besides the preparation of data for machine learning, I also have experience in various learning algorithms, such as SVMs, decision trees, neural networks, and Bayesian methods. Additionally, I am particularly interested in the application of this concept to cybersecurity-related topics, e.g., intelligent vulnerability discovery.

Cloud Computing

In the course of my studies I got in touch with many different concepts of cloud computing, e.g., IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. In doing so, I was able to gain experience with various cloud-based services such as Amazon EC2, S3, Device Farm, RDS and Lambda. Furthermore, I am also familiar with other related technologies including containerizing applications using Docker.


In my free time, one of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures of landscapes and people. Since landscapes, in particular, have a completely unique appearance from a bird's eye view, besides shooting with my camera, I started flying drones to be even more flexible in the composition of my pictures. Editing images with different products of Adobe's Creative Cloud, such as Lightroom or Photoshop, to convey the right mood to the viewer is another entertaining part of this hobby.



Max Boll